These references are from some of my customers:

Viscount Cowdray (Haslemere) – dowsing for water

Aqua Sports (Merstham) – finding a leak in water supply pipes


Your help [ in locating a leak in a central heating system ]  turned out to be amazing & I have the greatest respect.
Mrs V B


Water diviner: identification of leaks

Guy Hudson came to me initially through the Yellow Pages, and I asked him to help with a small lake (1/2 acre) fed by a constant stream, which had developed a leak; sufficient water escaped to prevent the original flow over the top of the weir, except in storm conditions.

He came to inspect, and discovered where the leak was, its precise location along the bank, and – even more remarkably – its precise depth: 4’3”-4’9” !  I say ‘precise’ because that was what was found when a deep line was dug, to seal it.

I can therefore vouch for his great skill in identifying both position and depth of the leak, and the direction of flow from it.  If there is any recurrence, I shall indeed refer to him again.

I  should add that this identification saved me a considerable sum of money when the repair was made.

Professor K Middleton

West Sussex
October 2008