Here are some links to sites with additional information about dowsing (and other topics):

British Geological Survey – the vast website of probably the best geology service in the world. (Onshore) Borehole data can be searched by postcode, as can the approximate

The British Society of Dowsers is the centre of all things dowsing in the UK. I joined in 1993 and have attended most of their annual conferences. I have served as a trustee for 5 years and also as chair of the Water Divining Special Interest Group – working on training for water diviners and holding workshops to pool our skills. The combined experience in the workshops is very high. I have also given workshops and lectures at the annual conference and a London lecture titled “So how does it all work, then?”. The BSD have an excellent shop which sells equipment and books.

Dowsing Research Group – a dedicated, eclectic and enthusiastic group carrying out research to improve the understanding and applications of dowsing. Many books, papers and articles have been published from the DRG, including some of my own over the years. I was part of the team who originally set the group up in 1993 and chaired the group for 13 years.

I am a founding member of the Professional Dowsers’ Register – for details, click here.

Village Water – I am a founder trustee and have been involved since 2004. Village Water now has brought WASHE (water and hygiene and sanitation education) to more than 100,000 people, mainly in remote western Zambia. Our studies have shown a massive reduction of disease when clean water is provided with the adoption of good hygiene.

Rupert Sheldrake is a highly controversial biologist. His theories are so important and fundamental, yet in some ways simple and straightforward – to understand them is to change your world view. It took me ten years of reading his books to come to my understanding of the implication of his science. I have had the privilege to work with him and to introduce him when he was lecturing. I think, in years to come he will be hailed as one of the most influential scientists of our time. However, a past editor of Nature did recommend that if any book should be burned it was one of his ;-).  In “The Sense of being Stared At”  he gives a near complete basis for why dowsing works IMHO.